Hello Non Existent Readers!

3:56 PM

Welcome, welcome :-)

You don't exist yet because I changed my URL from http://anafilibini.blogspot.com (sorry followers!) into http://mackandtease.blogspot.com temporarily & i'll probably change it again because I can sometimes be flaky like that. 

For now, Mackay (ME!) will "tease" (see what I did there? No? It rhymes with cheese! Mac & Cheese. Get it now?) :-)) Corny I know but that's the best I can do at the moment. 

Also, I spent the entire Saturday creating a pretty new header & a mobile template. 


The total blog revamp is not only to make it pretty but it also aims to personalize & contextualize the things that's been going on my mind. ANAFILIBINI needs to move out so I can move up with the changes that has happened & will happen. 

I will re-launch this blog to the public soon but I'm taking my time. At the moment I am enjoying the quiet and the anonymity of spewing words into the abyss of the world wide web.

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