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As part of the Psychological course requirement, undergrads needs to complete a certain number of hours interning on four different areas. This post will be about my first area - community internship at General Santos City. Not to toot my own horn but I really thought I was going to fail prelims as I was behind my internship & has missed classes but hey, I got a 98 on this one =) YEY ME! The names of the facilities and other participants are redacted on this post for privacy.

My experience at Homes, Inc, is special in my heart. Not only has it taught me a lot of technical techniques in Psychology but it also showed me how empathy and resilience goes a long way. Being it during Christmas break, it has also reminded me the true spirit of Christmas as I have since forgotten the child like wonder and excitement that this season brings.            Homes, Inc. gave us the chance to become, even for a short time, wardens of these 17 children through being with them in their daily tasks and working with them on the two day seminar that was conducted. I have newly grown respect to the workkers who run this kind of institution and to the amount of patience and altruism they must have had to exercise in their daily dealings with the children. That this kind of work is not something anyone can do, that this is a vocation of the highest order.            The workshop concretize what we only know in theory at school. It taught us additional techniques in real settings on how to handle different personalities of children. It taught us that there is always something to be learned not only from our mentors but even from the children that we are handling. I’ve learned that these children communicates differently and sometimes in the only way they know how which is in anger and crying fits that needs to be recognize and addressed with individually with great care and forbearance. One workshop may not correct what has long been a struggle for these children but it is a start of something good that I hope will be continued because I know if given a chance, I will be one of those who will gladly go back and help.            These children have individual needs and capabilities that is crucial to identify them but with the limited resources, we know that stereotyping can happen so we can only hope and help in ways we know through information dissemination and through education. The children needs to learn and have the sense of self, they need to be at peace within themselves to function as an individual out there.            Having been a student of Ateneo de Davao, magis and cura personalis has long been instilled into our being that I am happy and excited to extend and share into the greater community out there. We may not be able to extend help to every child out there but we can only hope by helping one, it will be like paying it forward in which that those we helped can help others too.

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