Of Books and New Years'

10:13 PM

..."reading texts is not the same as reading a text.." - Charles Blow

The first book that I remember reading from beginning to end was "My Book of Bible Stories". I vividly remember it being handed to me in my mother's province on a sunday school when I was around 4 years old and to date- is still my favorite bible story compilation.

I voraciously read every book & used to not be able to sleep without reading one. I used to be able to finish one book in one sitting & doesn't regret the 3 hours lost. Reading & discourse was encouraged in our house with my mother's Danielle Steel's and my father's mythologies and politics. I believe that the love for reading was the greatest "pamana" my parents has ever bestowed upon me.

Where others buy t-shirts and fridge magnets as souvenirs from places they've been to- I buy books.

Books helped me cope, taught me to adjust as well as entertained me to no end. It was all an experience and an escape. It takes me to places and makes me realize things that I would otherwise never learn in school. It gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction when people exclaims in awe upon seeing my book collection.

From reading, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be that kind of a human person that can transcend the experience of another person into a different realm all because of the words that I can conjure from my mind.

BUT going back to school after 7 years (hello thesis & internship!), running of 3 businesses & personal life has really made it impossible to get lost in a really good book.

It shames me to disclose that the book I have devoured on 2012 was along the genre of "Fifty Shades of Grey" and if the growing pile of books on my bed side table is any indication, I have not finished reading one last year.

Some of the unread/ unfinished books piling up :(
Lately, I have been feeling the cognitive effect of my non reading (or non writing - sorry blog!) to the way I discourse with peers. It's like having expressive aphasia constantly and for someone who lives for words, it's very disconcerting.

So, this is my new year's resolution. To go back to reading and with that, to go back to writing.

The word barrage is brought to you by the New York Times article - Reading Books is Fundamental.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaacckkkkkkkkkkkkk !!! ;-)

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