Sun, Sand & Then Some - Boracay Chronicles

10:11 PM

Much has been written about Boracay and that's no surprise because it definitely is one of the best R&R destination in the country. 

This vacation was made possible from a little windfall that blew our way from our father. Yep, from dear papa up in the heaven. Long story but this vacation is my second trip back to the island but a lot of firsts and mishaps has happened on this. So let me regale you with the bad before the awesome :)

Davao - Clark - Kalibo
Being a cheap air fare sucker that I am, I purchased 5 round trip tickets from Air Asia a year prior to travel date. Couple of weeks before flying out, I got a call from the said airline & was told that our flight was re booked to a later date that will eventually cancel out our connecting flight. STRESS! We ended up staying in a hotel near Clark Airport for a night at extra expense. My cousins who was on board with the vacation at the last minute arrived in Boracay a day ahead of us. 

Kalibo - Caticlan - Boracay
Years of travelling taught me one thing - and that is to preplan logistics. Everything else can run amok. On this trip, I found the best way to get to the island (aside from flying direct to Caticlan) is to hire the service of South West Tours Boracay and for less than a thousand we got a round trip from Kalibo to Caticlan and right up to the door of our hotel. Very convenient if not for the 2 hours bus ride.

8 Days Worth of Island Living

We arrived at our accomodation at about 8 pm & met up with the rest of the party for dinner. The accomodation isn't much but it served its purpose because hey, who stays in bed/ room the whole day when there's a whole stretch of pristine beach waiting outside.

Being in charge for the party of 9 would've been hard but Boracay has a lot of distractions for the young ones which is great! Mostly, thanks to Groupon PH and their island activity promos, I was able to book the young ones for an island tour, a banana boat ride and ATV drive around/ to the top of the island. 

As for us adults, we had EPIC to party the night away with.

And food. Boy did we eat a lot. Boracay food choices expanded than the last time I was there. We tried the usual hang out like Aria, Jammers, Hama & since we are on a budget Andoks was the usual lunch fare and we found this carenderia run by a lady that served a whole meal for 50 PHP. 

BUT our favorite place to eat out was at Boracay Uptown's Golden Cowrie. Good food with ambiance and within budget for wannabe backpackers like us. 

We also have the ever reliable and all time favorite shakes at Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

And I spent many mornings of our 8 day vacation on this spot. For 300 PHP, I have rented the best seat with the best view of the island for a whole day with free beer! 

For this year and with full time school and business, I have a feeling that this is the only vacation I'm going to get so I made it worth my while. Stayed out to be kissed by the sun up until I got heat stroke (not kidding) haha!

It wasn't the best laid out vacation plan but no regrets. Usually, the unplanned vacations are the ones with the best stories and those are the ones that I live for :)

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