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2012 was not my favorite year BUT that is not why am blogging again. I'm back because its a way of reminding myself that despite all the negativity I am still very blessed to have lead the life I have. Thus the need to recap the things that I am thankful for. After all, life is too short to wallow and one day in the very near future, I would want to look back and see that I did not waste my time and I have lived my life to the fullest.

Let's begin with JANUARY;
I am thankful for SNAIL MAILS! Sending one takes effort from buying to writing and sending that the receiver cannot help but feel so special.
Thankful for these Cath Kidston pillows to comfort me anytime.
Thankful for the turtle and our undying faith, hope and love =D

For Davao's natural beauty and the opportunity to bask on these glorious scenery anytime.

Thankful for the stress. Yes the stress! Because of that I found my second therapeutic activities - DIY!
That I can make something this beautiful despite and probably because of  stress. Love it!

Reunited with these lovely women from my college days!
Thankful for new beginnings through weddings of friends. 
Thankful that we finally opened another business venture - THE BEAUTY LOUNGE!
Thankful for another year of my life and living in a city where I can run to the beach  to rejuvenate anytime.
Thankful that my friends are living the life they wanted. That's all one can ask for.
Thankful for the ability to travel for work and have a side trip with friends in one of the most iconic Philippine landmarks - Tagaytay!
Thankful for people who thought that Jack & Coke is a great mix. Because it is!
Thankful for the chance of taking the bros out and feeding them like these.
Thankful for birthday buffets!
Thankful for night cap with friends
Thankful for the experience it gives me everyday.
Thankful for Hagimit Falls, Samal Island.
Thankful for the chance to be an entrepreneur & the Juan Luna boys
Thankful for DAVAO!
Thankful that I don't stop & will never stop developing my skills and continued on my training.
Thankful for being the reason of these smiles/ laughter.
Thankful for this beautiful baby girl. Offspring of my best friend and being her ninang.
Thankful for this little buchog and for being his ninang too!
Thankful for friends who remembers and the thousand mile distance does not get in the way.
OCEAN PARK! There's a lot of things to be thankful here! 
Never getting lost in Hong Kong because of their impressive railway lines.
Thankful for gondola rides in Macau
and thankful that I was able to experience and savor the feeling of being in the happiest place on earth.
Thankful for benefactors who indulges my love for books. 
and love for food.
loads of food.
and knowing that I love Hainanese Chicken Rice!
Thankful for being back to school.
and yummy arm candies.

and our poor excuse for a family business meeting 

Thankful for my brain that still got the smarts to do this 10 years after,
For the ability to donate to typhoon victims and friends who willingly gives despite the distance.
Thankful that I got to spend time and shop with Kuwait friends in Manila.
and thankful that they never fail to feed me, all the time. LOL

There's a lot to be thankful for in life and we should not forget  that by drowning into our own misery. As expected, life here in the Philippines is so much different with my last 10 years in Kuwait but it's a great experience that by the end of the day knowing that I am still in the right track  despite the diversions, makes me sleep better.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

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