“Feels like I’m running, not away, but to take off and fly.”

8:54 AM

Run Away - Georgia Anne Muldrow

Hey there Kuwait,

Crazy things happened and are happening. In less than 5 days I am getting out of here. Leaving you for good after 7 wonderful years together. I am thankful for the opportunities and the good times as well as the bad that smacked a lesson in me or two.

I spent a better part of growing up here with you. I arrived a wide eyed angry 19 year old rebel who wants nothing in the world but to fly back in the Philippines. Funny how time changes everything, especially one's sense of perception. Seven years, 4 houses and 2 jobs later, it is finally time for me to go home and face the music.

I am ready. Willing and able.

Will post more once I've actually managed to un-clutter my brain.


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