The Turkey Situation

1:13 AM

Thanksgiving is a huge affair in our home. It's up there with Christmas and Easter. Every year we throw a Thanksgiving feast for family and friends and as part of tradition we roast the biggest turkey we can find served with classic beans casserole, mashed potato, gravy, pumpkin pie, ham, lasagna and loads more.

This year, we started the preparation early as we thought we have learned our lessons from the past. Apparently, based on what I've been twittering yesterday, we have not learned an iota.


  • Macsiomai: Is on a fat turkey run!!! #Kuwait is experiencing a turkey shortage at the moment =| #Thanksgiving - posted Tue 23 Nov 20:50
We looked everywhere and by that I meant to Lulu Hypermarket, Sultan Center Mangaf, Sultan Center Al Kout, Sultan Center Fahaheel and finally we found a 6 KGS buttercup baby turkey at GEANT at 360. We got two. We have friends who are inside Sultan Center and they have confirmed that all the turkeys was sold out that night.

  • Macsiomai: Tomorrow's #Thanksgiving Menu: 2 roasted turkeys, 2 baked ham, 2 lasagna, classic green bean casserole, baked beans, macaroni and cheese etc - posted Wed 24 Nov 20:16
You read it right TWO turkeys and 2 baked ham & lasagna on top of everything else. Why TWO? I've no clue except that we're a bunch of hoarders and we think that our guests eats like an elephant =))

  • Macsiomai: My family is seriously insane.After the turkey panic last night, we are now roasting 3- 7 to 10 KGS turkeys for 2moro's #Thanksgiving feast! - posted Wed 24 Nov 23:29
YEP! It has now become 3 turkeys in matter of hours. We went to Sultan Center looking for pecan and pumpkin pies but we ended up buying the biggest turkey since the craziness began. How can we walk away from 10 KGS Buttercup young turkey? We can't so we bought it and now we discovered that there's STUFFINGS SHORTAGE too! Psh. Fail.

  • Macsiomai: It of course means,no sleep as each turkey roasts in approx 4 to 8 hrs depending on the size & oven capacity.Spell WALANG TULUGAN! #thankful - posted Wed 24 Nov 23:31
Our turkey last year was such a huge success the tragedy was we did not write down what we did so now we're back at counting on our capabilities to be a bunch of geniuses in the kitchen. Our Wansa oven does not help either =|

  • Macsiomai: and I'm up for the first shift on the first turkey rotation. Kuya Lino and Ate Nell on the 2nd and third. Good luck sa oven! #Thanksgiving - posted Wed 24 Nov 23:34
It's 12:09, I'm blogging in front of the oven while simultaneously checking on tweetdeck, facebook and watching The Filipino Channel.

Theory is we should be basting the turkey every 15 minutes to prevent drying out.

Diet be damned. I can't wait to devour!


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