Smells Fishy!!!

2:30 AM

Been such a couch potato today so I'm giving you silent pictures of dead fish and sea creatures which by the way is yummy once cooked =)

For a quarter of a price, you can get all kinds of fresh fish you can possibly imagine to crave for here in Kuwait.

If you're a good haggler, then you can get a very good price plus cleaning!

Kuwaiti Tilapia yum!!!

I was allergic to crabs, one bite and I break out all over. Gradually, with constant medication and hard headedness, I'm presently able to eat 3 whole crabs!! Wooot wooot!

I've no idea what kind of a fish this is but my mom and my aunt went berserk!!!

Baby sharks!!! I can't imagine eating sharks but I guess some people has special tastes =|

My family is crazy about anything sea food. We devour them like wannabe Pescetarians. Anyone close to us could expect a seafood dish on our table in every meal / party in all kinds of cooked variations.

We usually grill, fry or make a soup but we always makes it a point to spice things up.

No we don't use this one. I've no idea what this is but I found it pretty =)
Fruits!!!!! =B

It took a lot of growing up before I was able to appreciate vegetables! I <3>

There are a couple of fish market that we like but the family's favorite is the one at Souk Sharq just beside the Sharq mall and Sultan Center where you can gaze at an amazing Gulf sea side view.

Fresh fish is a must for delicacies such as "Kinilaw". This is absolutely divine in authenticity.
Rows of soda steamed crabs! Family tradition requires everyone to stand around the spread on the table and just hammer away to get the fatty, juicy goodness!
It's amazing what crab meat dipped into a vinegar soaked garlic can make you feel.

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