Halloween Awesomeness

4:39 AM

I am going to over use the word AWESOME! Because for the past couple of months the family and extended family has been nothing but AWESOME!!!!

Just look at our masterpieces below and try to counter our awesomeness.

Blair Witch Area

It's amazing how the whole group united in a whole month worth of preparation. We did not only converge every weekend but sometimes twice or thrice a week.

The sleep overs were especially super fun!

We bought the spider webs from Party Land and some to New York. We painted the tombstones and cut out spiders and bats out of black card board papers. Don't let me start on 2 hundred balloons and crepe paper flowers.

Skeletons were bought from London to Waleed Super Toy store at Shuwaikh
You've been warned door

How awesome and lifelike are these?! =D
Spider webs with spiders and bats cut outs

The Halloween banners on the other hand was printed at my office using HP free art prints. Thanks HP!

More skeleton stuffs from Waleed Super Toy Store
Skulls and scary pumpkin bottles galore
At closer look! This skull flew all the way from London! How cool is that? =D
Oh I can tell stories about this graveyard aquarium! Up next!

I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of my cat skills =D Well, my ability to persuade my younger cousins to draw numerous different cats and to persuade the gang to cat out different kind of cats and rats!
Yes! All kinds of scared rats =)) Awesome right?

The main table designed with random skulls from Sultan Center, Ikea candles and holder and a huge glow in the dark skull from Party Land!

For the pool/ garden area we have forewarned people of the danger they were about to embark on

Mr. Scarecrow should be enough to scare the bejeesus out of you. If not then the door bats and the big warning sign should!
Every party should have a picture wall. Our awesome Dexter's blood spatter was from Party Land and it was huge!!
It was windy that day so we anchored it with bricks. Our photo ops turned out great I tell yah!

One of the most challenging art work we've done was the coffin. Good thing, we bought a huge aquarium that provided us a kick ass box perfect for our coffin! We bought crepe papers and glued the heck out of it. Of course, when I say, "we", I meant those people I boss around =D
Those people are brilliant by the way. BRILLIANT!!!!

For the kids we made couple of pinyatas filled with candies which went bust. More on that later because right now I want to talk about that scary picture. We have been awesome but we also have failings, case in point the photo above. It's supposed to be a pinyata but 2 super glue and loads of news and crepe papers later, it becomes unbreakable! Thereby rendering it impossible for the kids to get their candies.

But since we are awesome!! - we had this brilliant idea of turning it into a scary pseudo ballooned pumpkin. Whatever that means.

Point is, WE ARE AWESOME! yeah.

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