Cirque Du Soleil in Kuwait

11:29 PM

I can't even begin to tell you how much I looked forward into seeing the show. Cirque Du Soleil was in my bucket list to do before I die and I am just so happy to have taken it out.

Thanks to our kind benefactors, the Kelly's and Al Ghanim for making it possible.

Cirque Du Soleil is a mixture of circus and street arts entertainment that is guaranteed to transport you into a world of fantasy and amazement.

The gang and I had a ticket the day after Thanksgiving. Call time was 4 pm but show starts at 7 pm so we initially planned to check out the Entertainment City as we all haven't been there. Fortunately, we decided to check out the Cirque venue first and see the sitting arrangement because apparently the chairs are first come first serve only. The earlier you are the nearer to the stage you will be. The whole set up was so unorganized that there are a bunch of people who kept transferring their chairs from one spot to another and the security force can't even do about it.

Imagine being surrounded by those kind of annoying people for 3 hours under 15 degrees weather. They served as some kind of entertainment and source of irritation but thank goodness they did not last until the second half. Some people just doesn't have any sense and to think they have brought their children with them. What a way to set an example huh.

I digress.

We managed to snag seats in the middle of a football field, near enough to see the flying people on the stage but too far out to see those who aren't.

W/ that out of the way, the show was everything the hype said it is! Jaw dropping w/ lots of OMG's and WTF's stunts. I recommend that it be seen at least once in your life even if it's in Kuwait and you have to wait for 4 hours on a football field under 15 deg. weather because it is worth it!

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