Government Warning: Smoking is Dangerous to your Health

8:43 PM

My mom and my aunt are smokers. Not only are they smokers, they are very picky on what they smoke!

Most of the time, the cigarette that they would only puff is not available here in Kuwait making their friends and family import it from Thailand.

Now this particular brand of cigarette is not only available in that country but this photo gives a pack from there a blog worthy post


In hoping that the people I know would be as disgusted & scared enough to stop smoking, I posted this on Facebook and tagged all the smokers in my friends list.

Wadya know! They untagged themselves! Hahaha! They said it's super disgusting but apparently not disgusting enough to stop smoking =|

I should've known better. My mom and my aunt solves that hard reality & yucky problem by covering the photo with ink so they can smoke in peace.


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