Fangtastic! - Costumes & Candies - Boo'yah!

3:11 AM

Happy Halloween everyone! =)

While everyone's out trick or treating, I am now nursing a bad case of hang over with our Fangtastic party last weekend.

We have been planning, cutting, drawing, printing, brain storming, climbing up the walls and ceilings to put up our amazing Halloween props!

Making this Fangtastic party has been so much fun and it's such a great feeling to see the fruits of our labor and creativity come alive and be appreciated and awed by our monster guests.

The bewitching welcome room
w/ the lovely host on the side

Black candles & spider webs adds charm to any Halloween table.
I will post a separate entry on the whole Halloween interior and the how to's but first -

Let me regale you with the amazing Spiderman who loves his suit so much that he was wearing it 3 days in a row! LOL

Halloween won't be complete without trick or treating for the kids.

Sweets for our sweets. Candies galore!
Beautiful Halloween cupcakes

After our sumptuous dinner, we started off with making a mummy contest for the kids!
and breaking the Pinyata. The yarn broke before the pumpkin pinyata so XP Gensan Monster went up the second floor and threw candies to the candy mongers.

Once the kids program are happily munching/ counting their loot, it's time for the adults to have some bizarre fun!

The lovely Pancit has graced our Halloween party wearing a corset.

I am not scared of the clowns but this one scares the shit out of me.
Amazing is a over used word in this post but I have no words except AMAZING for the people who gamely dressed up in costumes and painstakingly put on their monster make up as adherence to the party dress code.

My lovely monsters, as I'd like to call them now, have shed off their inhibitions and dressed up to the night nines!

Angel slash cupid trying to capture the Pinoy Flick Zombie
Monsters of the night!
Monsters, angels, clowns, devils, terrorists, Schwarzenegger, scary movie dude mask, witches and vampires have all danced, laughed, ate and took gazillion photos of the night away! =)

This has got to be one of the most memorable Halloween ever! Not only because of the success of the party but because along the way we have discovered vast potentials on what we can do.

Is anyone in need of a party planner here in Kuwait? Call us! LMAO!

It's been 48 hours since the Fangtastic night but I still can't get over it. Rawr. If only I'm still here next year so we can make this as an annual thing.

I <3>

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