Family Time @ The Hilton Hotel Kuwait

4:29 PM

The pure detox entry I did yesterday reminded me of another pampering me and my sister got at the Hilton Hotel couple of months ago.

Thanks to Ate Amy, I got a couple of passes for The Spa's Aquamedic pool which is sublime IMHO. Aside from the use of the pool, we're also able to use the Moroccan bath, the steam and the sauna.
It's my sister's first time to experience all that so it's a wonder seeing old routines through new eyes again.

August was still Ramadan time that is why after our Aquamedic pool session, the parentals are waiting for us at the Ramadan tent of the Hilton.
The tent is 4 times bigger than our house in the Philippines!

Ever since I've arrived here in Kuwait, all special occasions of our family has always been celebrated in Hilton Hotel. Not only proximity wise, they also serve really good food and gives us great service. It doesn't hurt that we have some wasta inside too. Teeehee!! =P
I love this lamp! I wish I can take this home

During Ramadan, people normally break their fast by eating laban milk and dates.
Since I'm not particularly found of dates that is not in cake form, I broke my fasting with all these!! =D
Really long stick bread is yummy!

The tent have different food stations. From traditional shawarma, grilled kebabs to different kinds of pastas.
My plate is a mishmash of everything and anything!

One of our favorite every time we eat at Hilton is their dessert station. It's where you can find layers upon layers of heavenly goodness!
My dessert plate. Gazillion worth of yummy calories.

I've said it before and I'm posting it here now, Ramadan for some reason invokes the hunger within that people eats more than normal.

It's very true but lame enough reason as my excuse for overeating during the Ramadan season! LOL!

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