Ramadan & Golden Sands in Dubai

7:25 PM

I've been to Dubai 4 times in the past 6 months and I don't remember blogging any of it so on my latest escape in that country, I decided to slowly but surely share =)

Arrived and stayed at Golden Sands for their awesome Ramadan price. haha! It's a studio apartment. I love staying with friends but I don't want to impose much so I almost always want to stay in a hotel.

Golden Sands is a hotel apartment that literally gives more value for our money. More on the price we got sold on the free wi-fi! boohooo to other establishments that asks for internet pay.

The studio entrance
When looking for a place to stay during vacations one of my ultimate requirement is sparky white bed sheets. Anything darker than that is a no - no mainly because of hygienic reasons.

Part of the itinerary is to celebrate Roxy's birthday all the way from Canada =D
Cake for the absentee celebrant!
House party for the win!

Since it was Ramadan, eating out during the day is next to impossible but was not a problem because hey who wakes up before lunch while on vacation anyways?

To accommodate our appetites we hoard the nearest Spinney's that we can cook back in our studio!
Nom! I salivate just looking at the photos. I wish we have it here in Kuwait =| I gained 2 kilos because of these in the span of 8 days!

Better than any breakfast buffet in town! Yum!
I'm getting hungry by blogging about this now.

To complete the Dubai escapade, it's a tradition to stop and hoard at Duty Free for these! =D
Kampay! LOL!

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