Walking Style II

3:16 AM

Seven years ago, I arrived here in Kuwait 40 pounds overweight on my 5'4 frame.

My mother who was in the beauty industry at that time took it upon herself to save me from drowning in my own fats.

Name it, I've gone through it when it comes to weight loss.

  • 2004 was the year where they hired a personal aerobic trainer for me at the same time nagging me to go down the building gym everyday.

  • 2006 was the year for more laxative teas, walking, spa slimming treatment and occasional work out at The Palms Hotel.

When I came back for the first time since in the Philippines I lost just about all of the 40 pounds. I even did some modeling stint. That made my mama very happy.

When I came back to Kuwait after a wonderful vacation, I gained back almost half of what I lost.

And so the yo-yo diet begins again.

  • 2007 was Hydroxycut, walking, laxative teas, erratic eating habits and on/off working out at the Marina Hotel gym.

  • 2008 was the most intense!I actually achieved my desired weight. How did I do that? Well, I lost my job & no one was hiring as it was in the midst of the recession, I was also in a bad break up so instead of wallowing up in self pity and tears ( I did a for awhile K =)) but enough is enough) so I had nothing else to do but work out twice a day. I'm so lucky that the Parentals are so encouraging when it comes to weight loss that they voluntarily paid for my membership at Crowne Plaza Kuwait.

I did nothing for 6 months but wake up, go to the gym, come back home to eat a little and pass out the sofa, wake up, go to the gym, come back home and pass out. I loved it! I felt so good I even forgot about my broken heart.

Then it was time to go back to the Philippines again for visa issues. I swear that country ruins my health! Kidding. I stayed there for the remaining 6 months of 2008 where I did nothing but BINGE. Drink, eat, sleep, party, travel and sometimes a mixture of everything. In fairness I did buy a gym membership during my stay in Davao but I only used it for a day. That's how bad the temptation in that country is. Hello free unlimited rice!

  • 2009 was back to Kuwait year and where I also received the couch potato year award. Settling in to new house, adjusting to new work environment and lugging all those fat just made me even more lethargic.

Oh did I mention I have hormone problems? I totally do. I don't get periods like regular people does. I had to induced it with contraceptive pills. Doc said it's one of the reasons why I retain all this so cholesterol so much.

  • 2010's first half was spent the same as 2009 oh except that I'm not heart broken anymore like 2008 coz Mr. Pagong finally committed after 5 long years & I'm not broke anymore (slight na lang) coz I finally paid up all debts mine or passed on to me.

First half of 2010 was lethargic because well... I have no excuse except that I just got lazy and tired and everyday it doesn't suit well with me.

So on remaining half of 2010 I'm changing all that. I started last June but admittedly it was still erratic. One week I'm all intense on the treadmill the next I hardly gets up from the couch. I've become so adept in this losing weight cycle and so knowledgeable in all things diet & calorie counting that I can actually justify why I cheat.

Look! One of those sporadic intense work outs last June.

Mostly, it's all about last supper.

I've never been this heavy since I first came here and it scares the shit out of me. Aside from the fact that I'm 7 years older than I was which makes it harder to lose weight, I'm also feeling numbness in my left side from my head to my toes. Seriously. So I become a hypochondriac, run to the doctor where I'll just be told to do a little exercise & that there's nothing wrong with me except my weight and my ability to sit on a chair/couch in front of a computer for hours on end.

It's scary and I have to start doing something about it. Like now. Oh, it's 11 p.m. so tomorrow then.

I live in a house where a room full of gym equipment and a swimming pool is waiting for me to abuse. I really have no excuse except that I'm very unmotivated not to mention lazy.

To solve that problem, I bought this
Omron Walking Style II Step Counter

This way, I will have a daily goal as well as a weekly goal. Lose a pound or two a week by walking.
The Omron step counter does what other people are supposed to do used to be - my gym mate.

Anyway, if I want to lose all these
I have got to sleep early so I can wake up early.

Wish me luck!

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