Sakura Buffet

4:24 PM

The recent weekend is binge full!

Woke up to a lot of Facebook messages of people who are dying to eat and get out of their houses. After numerous wall to wall comments, lunch buffet at Sakura was a done deal.

Eating in a buffet restaurant has a secret in maximizing what you pay: you have got to PACE YOURSELF! Slowly but surely.

Open atrium is kind of hot for a lunch date w/ friends at Sakura in Laila Gallery but we don't mind as it's worth it!

My first serving: Corn & Chicken soup (should've gotten the Miso!), Crab Salad, a salad that has avocado in it, a tiny glass that has raw fish in it, and sushi.

Second servings consists of maki's and rolls =D and loads of shaved garlic!

Third serving is a little conservative as by this time i'm super full!

Fourth serving is finally desserts!

At 10 KD per person excluding drinks, it's kind of steep but if done right, people will have their money's worth. My only regret is that I saw the Teppanyaki's and Yakisoba's last. I got blinded by the maki's

and sushi's
and tempuras!

Below are what the others ate in all it's food porn glory.

Sakura Xpress
Now conveniently located
at the Kuwait's best address....
Laila Gallery in Salmiya

Choose from Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura or Teriyaki...
The Classical & The Passion-able fusion dishes created by
our own Japanese Chef Akio Miyajima.

Fabulous Japanese cuisine at affordable prices
in an atmosphere of elegance & exquisite comfort
combined with personalized service....

Online Reservations
Please click here to request a reservation online or dial the extension 24757775.

Sakura is your ultimate destination for a true dining experience....

Fabulous Food at Fantastic prices!
Daily Happy Hours
Lunch 12:00 noon to1:00 pm & Dinner 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
(Two 4 One - Buy one get one Free from our sushi selection)

Sushi on Wheels....
Call hot line 24757775 for a free delivery

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