Ice Skating in Kuwait

3:30 AM

One of the best days of my life in Kuwait happened yesterday.

It started late and very hot enough when a group of friends decided to try ice skating under the very humid Kuwait weather.

Before I proceed though, a little disclosure, I didn't even try getting my feet in those skates and unto that rink. Bruises, dislocated shoulder and getting my fingers sliced off is not in my agenda of fun.

Ice skating costs 1.500 KWD per person with free very painful pair of skating shoes. Good thing the my sister warned most of us that those free shoes hurts like hell so they opted on renting a good one for .750 Fils.

Ice skating would also cost you a lot of bruises and a whole lot of help from friends.

Coz you're definitely going to fall flat on your butt

or on your side that will give you a shoulder fracture if you're unlucky
so yes you definitely need your friends around to pull you up and do it all over again.
Stand up, take a step and split. LOL!

Secretly, I wanted to learn to skate since I saw the first "Cutting Edge" movie. They're so graceful and it looks like a lot of fun. Toe pick!

The skating rink is located at Kuwait City. I can't exactly give you the right address but if I'm not mistaken it's near the Discovery Mall and McDonalds.

So yeah. Toe pick!

Photos: Selma Royo Yap

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