How To Take 13 Thousand Steps But Might Not Succesfully Burn Any Calories

4:18 AM

I'm not a very competitive person but I hate losing.

Today, I just have to use all ounce of will power to show who's the master of the universe my body.

I'll make this lazy bones realize who's the boss by taking steps that will not stop when the counter hits 10,000.

The great plan started good enough with a McDonald's breakfast but since sisterblister was so gung ho on sleeping until after lunch time, I had no choice but to eat eggs, smoked pepperoni & rice.

My great ability to justify everything saved me from declaring it a self control failure. I figured all those starch/ carbs I've indulged in is highly useful for the body to process and withstand the on coming assault it's going to face.

Turns out, I have great reasoning power because guess what? I WIN!

Yes that's 13,439 steps!

Some people would say, hey that's easy. Maybe for you but for me, there's nothing easy about walking 45 minutes on the treadmill on different pace (4 to 7 speed) just to take the first 5,000 steps.

It's not easy for my feet and for my wallet when I have to walk around The Avenues mall for 4 hours and a half enduring aching feet.

The remaining 8,000 steps was incurred from checking out stores. Which isn't easy because all frigging stores in that mall was on sale!

I want to learn how to play Monopoly. Or Pictionary. I haven't played either. Ever since.

These kids were jamming it at the Fantasy World (which oddly enough according to a very noisy bird is also a name for a strip club in Florida =))

They're playing the miniature electric guitars and air drumming. They look cool for 10 year olds.

When the counter hits 7,000 I decided to reward myself with Johnny Rocket's Oreo & Cream Malt plus Cheese Fries

Full and ridden with guilt, I've decided to do what I do best on a weekend at the mall. Check out more stores.

New Look was on a buy 1 take 1 special offers. Didn't see anything I like enough to buy.

H&M was also on sale but the tee's that I like wasn't so I had to pass.

Blistersister got excited when she saw that Oasis has a buy 1 take 1 promo.

Go Sports is still on sale. Last week, I got my brother a Sanuk shoes for only 8 KD! Original price was 18 KD.

Which is perfect because by that time my feet was starting to hurt from all that walking. Don't judge me for being great at justification and for what I did next

I bought a pair of FitFlops! See the benefits here. It was only 8 KD from original price of 21 KD therefore I am the goddess of everything on sale and justification. Rest your case.

Looking for a arm sleeve extension, we ventured inside Debenhams that's also on sale.

The search didn't last long. Starbucks was very inviting.
We took a break from all that shopping, had our frappucino's (mine is always tall coffee frap coz study shows more than that is 500 calories worth of evil) and read free magazines.

We saw the advert of The Sorcerer's Apprentice and decided we want to watch it. After 4 failed attempt of booking our seats at the Avenues, we finally found free seats at Al Kout

The movie was on at 7:45. Al Kout is 45 minutes away on a 120 KPH. We figured we can get there on time even though it's already 6:50

Thinking we had enough time, we went in the Lacoste store. It's also on 40% crazy sale!
That orange shoes was grabbed at a sale price of 16 KD only from the original price of 20 something KD.

We could've made it on time if only this didn't happen
That resulted to half an hour's bumper to bumper crawling traffic because these people had nothing better to do but gawk at an accident or a hanging steel.

At 8:10 we were still looking for parking slot so when we finally found one, we ran (giving me additional aerobic steps count!) and munched on Nachos while trying to understand the movie that we were twenty minutes late in.

It was a good movie in a I-also-want-that-superpower kind of thing.

So yes, I had an awesome today. Not only did I achieve my goal but I was also able to incorporate it with fun and a little bit of side tracked shopping.

The question though is, with all that walking, have I burned enough calories meriting me to lose some pounds this week if I continue, considering all that food I just ingested? Ah, guess I'll never know.

Gotta sleep. Tomorrow's another 10K adventure!

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