Good Times

4:12 PM

Next year, when I'm back in the Philippines, I'm definitely going to re-read this blog to remind me that I actually had fun here.

My day ended pretty late or early depending on how you look at 3 a.m. when I tweeted

the best kind of day is the one where unplanned activities takes form like Ice Skating (I didn't skate! Afraid to fall =P), Cooking+Habhab at home (Sinigang na Shrimp,Fried & Crispy tilapia, baked chicken & Filipino spag),whiskey & overnight swimming.

The day started at the Skating Rink, then a "bit" of shopping of American Eagle stuffs at the Avenues where they have crazy sale all over and since everyone was so hungry but can't think of where and what to eat, I invited everyone at the house.

We immediately ran to Carrefour to buy the ingredients and went home.

Apparently it takes 5 people and a Japanese Chin to make a delicious spaghetti - Filipino style. It involved condensed milk and salt but strangely enough it's very delish!

The tilapia fried into it's crispy perfectness.

She crabs cooked just the way we liked it.
and Yaya Gina's new recipe. Baked chicken with potatoes, tomato sauce and bell peppers.

When everyone's burping with full stomach, card games and swimming ensued!

My night ended up at 3 a.m. but it's all good because heck, a night full of food, laughter, gossip and people jumping in a pool until the wee hour of the morning is so worth it.

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