Dynamic Dymo!

6:21 PM

When I was a kid, my parents would draw a sun and a moon to my right and left socks respectively to let me know which side goes to where.

But that's not what Dymo does.

Dymo takes me to that place where I am free to label anything and everything I can get my hands on in different embossed colors.

That place is a very happy place.

When I found the Dymo label maker at Ace Hardware Shuwaikh, I can't stop grinning and can hardly wait to go home and play

and practice for perfection

and victimized my Qou Vadis Memoriae 2009-2010

and vandalized the laptop.

The result of a trigger happy Mackie.
It felt... liberating!

When the blistersister came home after work, she took one look at the amazing dymo, left the room and then came back to spend an hour labeling her mobile phone.

The dynamic Dymo is soooooooo pretty like Ken and Barbie.

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