American Eagle on Sale

4:49 PM

When American Eagle opened at the Avenues Mall, like the GAP store, I didn't venture in because I know the prices are going to be inflated like crazy.

The thrill of a good bargain hunt is my ultimate high and regular priced items aren't good enough for me unless it's really a must have.

I am lucky enough to be in Kuwait where prices are ridiculously high but when they go on sale the prices are slashed into tiny little pieces. Sale prices here are so good that it's incomparable to the sale prices in the Philippines to the point that I'd rather buy my vacation outfits/shoppings/ pasalubongs from here rather than there especially with the high street brands like Zara, Mango & Aldo.

Digressing again, as usual. Anyways couple of weeks back, a family friend was gushing on how crazy the sale at American Eagle is and it's an absolute must to go.

So I did and got these;

True enough, the prices are low. Not crazy low but low enough to justify it as a good buy.

AE Bermuda Pants for only 3 KD. Regular price would be thrice as that.

AE Floral Cami for only 2 KD. Regular price was I think 5 KD

AE V neck tees for 2 KD each. I went to AE twice on the same week to get 2 more of these V neck t-shirts plus a shirt for my brother.

Men items are higher compared to women items. Supply and demand ratio I guess.
AE Camouflage Midi shorts for 3 KD

A total of 15 KD (the sister also coerced me in buying her a tank top) for all of the above mentioned is what makes a good shop-a-holic. Not that I am one, just saying =)

If they are still on sale by the end of this month, I might go back there to buy some more shirts to stock up on Christmas gifts!

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