Viva Prepaid Surf is A Joke

2:17 PM

Issues like these, I wish I'm in the Philippines where people are actually given unlimited amount of options from different telecom providers to suite their needs.
I like Viva Postpaid internet. Like seriously. Although 24 KD is a bit steep for 4 to 6 hours of Facebook and surfing but at least it's reliable and it's fast.
That's the HUGE difference with the Viva Prepaid surfing though which seriously is a big joke and really frustrating.

What’s in it for you?

Enjoy surfing online and downloading content for the days you want with prepaid Daily Surf On.

What are your choices?

Daily Charge

Free Data for Local Internet Usage

Duration of Service

Charges after Consumption of 50MB
1 KD50 MB24 Hours1 Fils / 1 Kb

How can you subscribe?

You can call Customer Care at 102 do either one of the following:

  • Send “ON” by SMS to 520
  • Dial *520# and Send

You will receive an SMS shortly after your subscription is completed.

What are the terms and conditions?

  1. Provided for prepaid customers only
  2. You can’t subscribe more than once within 24 hours of the first subscription
  3. Not available while roaming.

For 1 KD and you get 50 MB downloads within 24 hours sounds like a good deal right? WRONG! It should be a good deal because no matter how much I downloaded applications in my Sony Ericsson W995 before the first 24 hours expired, I have 36 MB left.

I didn't re-register until couple of hours later as work grabbed my attention plus I called UAE for 8 minutes.

International Call Charges

Please, select your country of call destination from the drop down below to see the tariff.

Country CodeDestination CountryValueMonthly
971United Arab Emirates0.1450.140

Note : Price subject to change without prior notice

I use ZAIN for my calls and text but when I read about the prepaid surf on VIVA I immediately got a new SIM CARD for my SE W995. You see, the phone is awesome, It has all the features of a blackberry or an iPhone with a 8.1 mega pixel and 8 gig memory. It's a shame to be using it only for call and text.

My SIM CARD had a 5 KD credit from the start of all this. That would be the following;

5 (start credit) - 1 (1st prepaid surf) = 4 - 1.164 (8 minutes UAE call at 0.145 per minute) = 2.836 - 1 (2nd prepaid surf) = 1.836 KD

This is where the problem begins. After I register for the second time, I barely had 10 minutes of surfing and Facebook (no apps download) and it starts telling me to check network provider or my WI-FI settings. I figured since I'm on the road maybe there's no signal connection but when I went home last night, it was still the same. I kept checking the *520*1# that should tell me how much MB and hours I still have but it keeps telling me "to register please text on to 520 blah blah blah" and when I try to register it would tell me that "daily surf on is already activated". I'm like hokey, what do I do next?

I did the only thing I could think of, I added another 1 KD credit because I thought it has a minimum amount that should be there for it to start working. You know what happened to my previous credit and the new one that amounts to 2.836 KD? VIVA ATE IT UP!

I now have ZERO balance and I wasn't even able to do anything! Take note that my second prepaid registration should expire only this afternoon. I know it's only approx 3 KD but that amount could've given me 3 more days of prepaid surfing but it didn't and I feel cheated.

For me VIVA stole that amount out of nothing and unless they show me a proof on where my every fils went then I would retract the statement that VIVA IS A THIEF!

When my mom tried their unlimited 44 KD monthly in blackberry she ended up paying almost 200 KD in a month. She doesn't even download, only emails and when we swipe it from her to do Facebook. She wanted them to explain or the very least give a statement of account but VIVA personnel in Al Kout are clueless on their own system so she had it cut off but of course they made her pay the 50 KD cut off fee. What a rip off!

I called their customer service but they are a bunch of sarcastic drones that I just hanged up the call.

I think I'm cutting this VIVA SIM card now. I've no use of something that not only steals but also sucks.

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