Totally tofu -, Philippine News for Filipinos

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Totally tofu -, Philippine News for Filipinos

When tofu is mentioned in a conversation, I always think of Tokwang Baboy. A Filipino delicacy usually partaken during drinking session or a sumptuous Sunday brunch with the family.

It's been awhile since I've eaten one until last February when Dubai people, on their Lenten fasting of not eating meat, prepared a tofu salad. Looking at the presentation, I was skeptical but when I tasted it - all I was able to say was saraaaaaaaaaaaaaap (YUMMY!).

Back in Kuwait, it proved to be a treasure hunt looking for Tofu in any grocery store or bakala. I can't find it in Sultan Center, City Center, any COOPS or small Bakala's. Like seriously. My mom insists that it's in Sultan but when I asked the personnel there they said they don't have it and the cycle continues.

My mother was able to find one though and told me it was from Sultan Center. What branch, that I'll have to wait until she gets back from the Philippines.

Why am I rambling about Tofu? It's because I'm starting on a new diet regimen again and Tofu is part of the menu. It makes me feel like I'm eating healthy without skipping on a taste of comfort food.

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