London Hospital, Fintas

11:10 PM

Weekend plans is holing up in London Hospital here in Fintas. Aaron love had a severe case of asthma, so severe that the attending physician recommended we take him out of the country because Kuwait weather isn't susceptible for children's health.

I've only been in London Hospital twice and these chairs in the lobby always strucks me as quaint.
I'd like to have that in my ecclectic house someday.

Aaron love is admitted here.

In a VIP room with very cool wall paper. Even the adults are mesmerized going round and round the park track.
Hopefully the doctors will discharge him today! Please pray for his fast recovery. Thank you!
London Hospital is severely under staffed and needs a thorough cleaning especially since they specialized in maternity, infants, children as well as beauty. The VIP room that we are in looks run down and could use some major lift. The emergency area only have 1 attending nurse while we were there who also serves as a receptionist. The doctors are ok but doesn't have a fixed time on their rounds in the morning or evening, we are always left wondering what time they'll appear. Even the nurses aren't sure and oh the nurse right now was supposed to change the IV but after 2 seconds here she was like oh wait it's change shift now, she left and didn't come back until we kept on pressing the call button.
The kid seriously needs to go home na.

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