Philippine New Government In Twitter

2:11 AM

For the past weeks, Philippines has been gripped with the election fever and no other way to expound and engage people but on microblogging known as Twitter.

I have also been pretty noisy about the elections as this is my first time to vote in all of my 26 years. You can only imagine the self righteousness, the battle to be fair and the urge to convince everyone to vote and being annoyed when learning that at their certain age they're not even registered. Yea. I'm delirious with TMI.

Anyway, now that the election is over and thanks to Automated Election majority of the positions has been filled with declared winner, I have to learn to come to terms with the following on what Philippine Government now consists according to some Tweets:

ericaparedes: Every1 is saying how ironic it is that there was a Pres Marcos and a Senator Aquino and now it's the other way around----

ericaparedes: Y'all know what happened to Senator Aquino right?

ericaparedes: We have a congresswoman who dances on television, one who is a soon to be an ex-president everyone hates

ericaparedes: one who is a former first lady once in exile for crimes against our country her son is a senator, the world boxing champion is a congressman

ericaparedes: oursenators put together can film a movie and an ousted ex-con former president is number 2 in the presidential race.

KCMontero: Congressman Manny Pacquiao said, " Mom, can I please fight again, one more time?" somethings just so funny about this.

I used to say and until now believes that if you haven't voted then you don't have the right to bitch about your country. Now that I have, let's see if I will. As the government line up for me right now is depressing. I'd lash out at any one who looks down on the Philippines and the Filipinos but sometimes I'd think that we were asking for it. Oh life.

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