Labor Day Job Fair

11:33 PM

In lieu of celebrating Labor day in the park with actors and actresses, the Philippine Embassy in coordination with various companies across Kuwait decided to conduct a job fair for all Filipinos here in Kuwait.
The crowd from my vantage point

Maxi Santiago, Jeff of Philippine Embassy and his back on you is the Philippine Ambassador of Kuwait

I played HR for our company that day so I didn't get to take much photos. What little photos I managed to take was crappy through my SE K810i.

There are literally hundreds of Filipinos who came in all levels and skills. Most are Filipinos who are already working here in Kuwait but wants to seek greener pastures in another company. I was tempted to apply myself if only I wasn't playing HR there. Hehehe. Companies who participated were; Al Shaya, Johnny Rockets, Al Ghunaim, KGL, Fit for Fun, and many many more. I wish I remember the rest thought but like I said playing HR got in the way of observing.

The Ambassador giving his opening speech. Spot the blistersister in the photo! =)

It was a successful and productive day. I'll have it over a corny dance show in the park anytime. It's like community service but fun! Well, for me anyways as I don't have the pressure of handing out my resumes and being in my best during the on the spot interviews.
All work and no fun makes us all dull so we booked a table for the vacancy below =))
We kid! We kid!

One of the great result out of that job fair was we were featured in Balitang Middle East via TFC and Maxi Santiago. Well, I was just in the background but friends and the blistersister got interviewed.

Another awesome result is that, the blistersister finally landed a job! Woohoo!

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