iWant: IKEA!

3:14 AM

I love IKEA! I want my house to be furnished by IKEA! Mostly because I love practical, rightly priced gorgeous stuff and IKEA has it all!

If ever you guys wants to send out some gifts to me, all you have to do is walk into the IKEA building and pick anything coz it will surely sell with me =D

On our lunch break today, office mate and I went to our usual hunt - The Avenues. This office mate was a vegetarian for 10 years until I introduced her to IKEA's salmon. Right then and there she turned into a pescetarian that swears no Salmon tastes right - not even Le Notre's - aside from IKEA's.

Actually, we were at IKEA yesterday too where I found out that they have a new dish to offer and those are PASTAS!!!
Of course I had the classic Spaghetti Meatballs for only 1.500 KWD in their special Pomodoro sauce. Looks yummy right?!

After lunch we usually go around the store (yes we never get tired of the place even if we're there almost every other day!) and good thing I didn't pick up anything yesterday because today turned out to be their ultimate SALE day!
I went ape crazy. Lack of salary somewhat made me conservative on my purchases.
I only bought half a dozen of these frames in pink, blue and black for my little project and vanilla scented candles in all shapes and sizes

Good thing I was stingy and didn't buy them at the 950 fils price the day before. Now that it's down to 500 I got half a dozen!

The office mate also wants to escape retail therapy and we had to get back to work anyway so not too much damage on the accounts.

The whole afternoon was unbearable as my feet was itching to around the whole area so after work, I went back.

Went back and walked around in a dream. I restrained from buying anything but took photos of what I wanted to get when I have extra moolah or as reference for those good people out there who wants to throw me some alms. Waves to the benefactor =))

For some reason I have developed a liking for Philippe Starck's clear design. IKEA has items that looks like it like this chair

and these tables.Isn't she gorgeous? I would've picked her up in an instant but the thought of shipping for the Philippines stopped me. I've been eyeing this particular piece for the longest time.
For the past several years, I have also developed a penchant for lightning and candles so when I saw this candle chandelier, I had to have it!
Wanted to pick up these candle holder that looks like it belongs to a romantic era. Plus it would be a realistic buy for me because of Philippine's history in power black outs. Despite the turd world situation we have to be chica right?
If you know me then you'll understand why a clamp head light is on my wish list. If only it's not so annoyingly expensive then it will be so perfect on my head board for those sleepless reading marathon night.

Seems like, the wish list has been broken down into 3 parts and the third part consists of clocks!
The one above is for my future kitchen and the one below is for my study. They are just so pretty!

Since lack of salary is the greatest motivator in holding back from shopping which I somewhat succeeded by IMHO, I awarded myself with an ICE CREAM CONE! It's so yummy it made me all feel better inside.

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