Confessions of a Shopaholic

5:05 PM

I hope my mother doesn't visit this site until I bury this post with gazillions of well meaning, inspirational ones! =))
The impression that if I don't have cash in my wallet, I won't be spending as much is a fallacy.

NBK Laki account made it so difficult for me to curb my spending sprees because everywhere I go, it is very easy to swipe the card. Point in case the photo above.

I am literally all over Al Rai area which is unfortunately where the biggest mall and IKEA in Kuwait is located, The Avenues.

5 minutes after I published this post the office mate dragged me out to lunch to guess where? IKEA! Then we stopped by at Naser Sports where they have a "mega" sale that frankly really doesn't feel like one, where I bought a summer bag. All her fault!

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