It takes 7 hours to Dubai via FlyDubai

2:38 AM

Since Jazeera was starting to be a little expensive for my short trips to Dubai I tried the newly launched FlyDubai airlines. At 26.950 KWD round trip, I can't go wrong with that right?

0600: Eagerly packed the 10 Kilos allowable hand carry.

0830: Worked like there's wings on my heels all day and no amount of bull can get me down.
1730: Went directly from office to the airport. FlyDubai counter is in the same line as Jazeera's so naturally enough there were long lines. The counter wasn't open then but when I asked a ground crew what time it will be, he said I might as well line up because by the time that I get in, the counter will be open at approximately 1815 so I did.

1750: Got in but counter still closed. Ended up waiting for an hour.
1800+: The FlyDubai counter opened, lined up again only to be told that the flight was delayed and that we have to come back by 2100 as the new departure time is at 2200. Say what?! I asked. Person at the counter said the aircraft is still in Dubai. Great. I can't go back home as the whole family went out for Pizza and it doesn't make sense to get stuck in traffic.
1815: Bummed around the airport.

1830: Ate Foccacia and Calzone at Pizza Express
1900: Bought a new wallet at Accesorize. Public opinion says that my Diesel wallet is fugly. I don't agree but I'm getting tired of the old thing anyways.

1920: Looked for new hand carry luggage at Carbon Fiber. Nothing caught my eye.
2000: Lined up for the Passport Control.

2015: Waited at the gate by reading.
2030: Waited at the gate by chatting up a fellow stranded passenger.

2050: Waited at the gate and feeling antsy. Supposed to be on the sky by this time.

2145: Waited at the gate and finished the whole James Patterson book.

2200: Waited at the gate and called the benefactor to check what's up with FlyDubai as ground crew can't give any information and the screen still says 8:50 departure time.
2205: Waited at the gate and cursing the lack of airport free wi-fi access.
2215: Waited at the gate while benefactor said that at first FlyDubai office insisted that there are on time but only until they were given my confirmation number did they say that there was some "operational problem" and flight will be at 11 p.m.
2230: Gate changed from 21 into 4.
2240: Waited at gate 4 for boarding
2250: Finally boarded the aircraft... and waited for flight time.
2320: Flight time.
Lost in time zones: Slept.
Lost in time zones: Woke up to a wailing baby. I hate children inside the airplane. Like seriously they are so noisy not to mention the chair kicking.
0200: Dubai time. Touch down. Apologies from the captain.
0205: Noticed the FlyDubai shopping magazine while the plane taxi's. They have pretty good stuff. No Can't buy it.

0215: Finally - Hello Dubai! Terminal 2 was a breeze. Probably because I arrived at a God forsaken hour and that the whole place charters for private planes.

Time I finally got out of Dubai Terminal 2 airport? See below.
Above timings are approximate except for the photo above. The whole waiting feels like I traveled to the Philippines as flight time takes about the same amount.

If only I'm not coming for a very special occasion and to The Cove, I would've said fucked it and go home.

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