Telephone Wired

12:24 AM

I have to blog about this before I forget.

One of the things I promised myself if when I lost weight, I will curl my hair like the telephone wire.

Yes. I can do that. In fact my mother has done that to me when I was a kid. Like 6 years old I think. Too bad all my childhood photos are gone. Too many houses along the years tends to make you lose things. It's a shame really because I really think I am way better than cute when I was a kid.

So imagine me, a way better than cute kid w/ a telephone wire curled waist length hair.

Too pretty to be true right?

And oh, my mom used bamboo sticks and some chemicals I'm sure doctors would advise against using to a child to achieve the look.

Now, 20 years later. I'm thinking of getting my hair curled like a telephone wire again.

It won't be easy as I have to first lose like gazillion pounds and actually find someone who knows how to do the curl.

My mom can do it. I know she's the perfect person to do it but she absolutely refused to do so. She said I can barely brush my hair when it's wavy now here I am going on and on about the curl. In my defense, if the hair is all curled up, there's no need to brush it right? God forbid it becomes straight again. haha!

Anyways. So that's that and my dream to have a curly telephone wired hair.

Thank you and we now go back to the regular programming of puke fest as it is Sunday tomorrow again! Ugh.

P.S.: I googled and saw these photos that will give you an idea of what a telephone wire curled hair looks like. At least an approximate look.

Cute right? =)

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