Spring Bazaar 2010

4:35 PM

Welcome to the Spring Bazaar 2010
Where you have to pay 1 KD to feast your eyes on absolute therapeutically goodness of shopping finds.
Like these beautiful leathers
Hand made baby dresses
I love these!

I wonder where I can get these accessory tree? Hhhmmmm
Pretty little girls
The Mel Marquez booth is buzzing!
I love the Little Hooker table. I mean who can't love that it's so quirky! Top it off they have these pretty handbag hooks, coin pendants and if I'm not mistaken - key holders too.
All of the products came not only in Kuwait but around the world.

Organizers even offered snacks for the vendors =)

I went around the place for like half a dozen times but I end up not buying anything because I was sick with laryngitis. Haha! I know I shouldn't be spreading virus but it's too fun to pass. That and weather + bank account isn't cooperating too well too.

All in all, it's a good day and I can't wait for the Summer Bazaar ;-)

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