The Sand Storm That Was

3:04 AM

It started to be a gorgeous day at around 7.30 in my area.

So gorgeous that I even decided to hang my clothes out for that natural dry.
Took my time to make pa-art shots.

and tweeted/ facebooked about it.

And then I read Kuwait Paper Dumps tweet regarding ignoring their morning greeting with a twitpic that looks almost like this
Seconds later our Yaya ran to my room asking if I took in my laundry and when I asked why she said look out the window
It was about 10 minutes till 8 a.m.
In a matter of minutes, what started to be a beautiful day turned into something dark, smelly and very very dusty. It turned over my laundry (it's the last time I'm hanging laundry out in this weather!) and smacked hard rain on our roofs.

Living in Kuwait for almost 7 years now I can say that sand storm isn't a big deal anymore. Heck, I can smell a sand storm hours away. Unfortunately, I am allergic to it that I suffer for days on end with it.

What's unique about this is aside from your world turning really dark in a matter of minutes - which is very scary I tell you - is that it also turned bright and sparkly in a blink of an eye!

The whole sky looks like it has been wiped clean. Even the air smells good.

I wish I could say the same to our backyard though.

The pool side was totally trashed. The wind was so strong that it knocked over our pool umbrella damaging the pole. Which reminds me, does anyone know where we can get this fixed?
Mama's potted plants also got turned over.
We were planning to have a dip in the pool for the weekend but that plan's a bust now.
This bamboo plant isn't so lucky.
Toys, tables and plants got thrown around

Flood water had to be cleaned up not only out the backyard but also inside our house where rain seeped in through the windows and doors.
I wish I could say it was hard work cleaning all that up but I can't as I was too busy taking photos and blogging/ tweeting about it. Good thing I have younger siblings who can do the dirty work for their older sister =)

Kuwait's weather is messed up lately. Regular work week days are like bright and sunny but come start of weekend then it becomes gloomy and dark the whole time!

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