Open Letter To My Mother During A 5 Minute Sand Storm

4:01 PM

Dear Mama,

While you were sleeping and I was being a good girl basking in the glorious rays of the sun by washing my own laundry and admiring the 9 West ankle booties you gave me, the sky turned sinister dark suddenly.

Yaya Gina ran to my room yelling that I should go up and see what's happening outside. That is right after I read a tweet and saw a twitpic of the surging storm from Kuwait Paper Dump.

In a blink of an eye, the clear sunny sky loomed into darkness. My perfectly lined up laundry tumbled over and got rained at with sand. The air in the house turned musky & smelt like rust. I lost hope about my laundry that I just tweeted and tweeted and tweeted about it.

5 minutes later. The weather Gods probably had enough fun, they cleared the sky as if nothing happened.

Only something happened. Your perfectly freshly lawned garden became a marsh. The pool turned into murky brown that not even Ondin would swim into. Your favorite bamboo stalk got uprooted. Your potted plants and all our pool stuffs overturned. Worst, your beloved pool umbrella got broken.

I gave up laundry for the day. Please don't scold me. I had enough trauma already. The healing part is slowly coming by looking at your youngest children cleaning up the sinister sand storm. If my doing laundry is such a big news, botherbrother and sisterblister's together should be considered a miracle.

My trauma will completely heal if you and Oink will announce to everyone that due to the devastating event, we will all be taken to the biggest mall of Kuwait, The Avenues, for some good R & R through shopping and a brunch.

And oh, a dose of dragon smile will temporarily balm my pain.

So Mama, won't you please wake up and heal me already.


Your smart ass daughter

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