No Toxicity in MS Word

8:13 PM

Toxicity is when you just got a text from the bank that your salary was received, only to find out you got a deduction of 100 KD due to phone bills.

Toxicity is when you can't control the urge to call long distance but what's even more toxic about that is when Finance dept. of your work place forgot to pay last month's bill ergo the 100 KD for this month.

Toxicity is updating your monthly budget sheet and finding out that you're broke waaaaayy before you can withdraw a single KD.

Toxicity is moving into a new house and into a new work place all at the same month!

Toxicity is sleeping on the sofa for couple of months more than couple of weeks now because of constant packing, unpacking and your bed being given away.

Toxicity is taking your VIVA usb internet connection to work because the office firewall is crazy. Only to realize that you have nothing good to write about except what is toxic in your life right now.

Toxicity is the rigidness of Kuwait Consulate to let in tourists in this country. Now I can't party with my hommies.

Toxicity is prevalent when you start saying hommies.

Toxicity is the stress level on Saturday at the thought of Sunday. Sunday used to be fun full of oil laden breakfasts, sleeping in & movie marathons. Not anymore. Sunday is a puke day.

Toxicity is when you & family members agreed the night before on meeting up later today to shop for your bed but got a unconfirmed text instead.

Toxicity is asking your taxi driver how much you owe them for the month.

Toxicity is when you start your blog entry as well as every sentence of that blog entry with toxicity.

Toxicity is when you right click the word toxicity in MS Word, it does not have any synonyms nor is it included in the MS dictionary.

Toxicity is now knowing when to stop and end this blog entry.

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