Irani Market

2:02 AM

I blogged about Friday Market before with a promise to blog about the Irani Market.
My apologies for the late follow up but ladies and gentlemen, Irani Market is one of the best Kuwait secret.

Where else can you find gramophones that looks so cool it makes me want to buy and store them for my future house.

I'm loving the vintage feel!

When I saw these leather darlings at Friday Market, I immediately drag my mom to the stall and asked for it as my birthday gift.

Unfortunately, she says no =( She said, pieces like those are good for hacienda/ country style houses.
I disagree because I really think I can make those babies work their worth. Maybe someday.

When I was a kid we had a rotary phone in black. My older cousins then used to sneak in the middle of the night to call up their friends. It was early 90's so mobile phones are still unheard of.

Seeing this gave me a memory flood of the younger compound living years with my Father's side of the family.

Irani Market also have a variety of oil paintings and canvass prints on intricate frames. I would love to buy pieces of those for my future house. During travels, a friend used to buy paintings and I'm beginning to think she had the right idea. It's not like we're going to go back there so might as well stock up for the future house designs.

Irani Market have lovely wooden tables, chest drawers, jewellery cases, lamps, vases in all shapes and sizes, even fish and plants!

Other stalls sells whimsical items such as figurines of angels and miniature Arab women depicting their culture.

If you find yourself in need of a sailor clock, Irani Market is the place to be!

Everytime, we get tired of the dust, noise and heat of Friday Market, we always have to pass by Irani Market for that much more feel of the culture.

It helps that it's airconditioned too!

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