Holy Week and Kuwait

12:44 AM

Back home in the Philippines, everyone was on a Holy Week mode. Family gathering, fasting, going out of town, some out of the country, penitence done in a truly unique individual Filipino traditions. I miss it. No matter what activity is being done though, it almost always involves being or celebrating it with the family.

Here in Kuwait, due to the inter religion status quo that we have in the house - my mom is a none practising Jehovah's Witness, me and my siblings are Roman Catholics, the old man is a Baptist - makes it kind of hard to follow a certain tradition.

But a tradition we make.

Our beliefs, although we are not regular church goers, focused on believing in the goodness of God and Jesus Christ. We believe on equality, respect and doing no harm to our neighbors and all living things/ beings in all forms.

Our tradition is strong on family. Every and in almost all activities involved being with the family. I for instance, everyday, can't wait to go straight home after work so I get to talk to them over preparation or dinner. We watch tv series & do house chores together. Of course friction & issues happens but we almost always work it out.

During weekends we go to the mall for a good movie, a lunch out or dinner or in a bookstore. We spend time by the pool but most of the time we are in the kitchen eating, drinking and talking a mile per second.

I am digressing as usual.

Back to Holy Week tradition - Kuwait style.

Thursday was spent at work but in the evening was all about fish soup, rice & Caprica the new tv series.

I woke up on the couch on a beautiful Friday morning not on my own accord but because my mom called telling me that it's time to go for Friday & Irani Market. We went out and bought new beds for the blistersister and a mattress for me.

Saturday was spent at Galleria along Dajeej, the furniture haven of Kuwait. I bought a dresser and a cabinet. Went home, the old man grilled steaks and shrimps, sat over the pool, talked and laughed for the rest of the afternoon. Well they did but I spent it online and in front of the tv watching comedy shows. Dinner was grilled garlic shrimps and grilled bangus. Now we're just settling in to watch Pacific an HBO mini series.

Our life is comfortable and I in behalf of my family is thankful to the good Lord for everything. So even though we don't go to church or have novenas, we pray to Him for guidance and celebrate him in our own way.

Life is good but weekend seriously ends so fast.

Happy Easter everyone. Happy egg hunting!

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