What Happened To Spring?

3:53 AM

At 4 p.m. yesterday, my colleague's Jaguar indicated 44 degree Celsius.

Seriously? 44 degrees in the middle of March? I can only cringe for July's weather.

Five years ago, when I first came here, the month of March still calls for light jacket and scarves. It still calls for closed shoes if not booties. It still had that nifty cold bite in the air that is perfect for a walk in the park, picnic by the sea side or just hanging out in your garden.

I guess that's not possible anymore. Hello Global Warming.

The only sign of spring I could think of is the mad dash of replanting/ uprooting of flowers along Bayan Palace (they don't even do it as much or as pretty compared to couple of years ago) and the butterflies in my mom's garden
They are everywhere and a great sight to see. If only they don't have a life span of 2 weeks, it wouldn't be as tragic.

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