Sick Leave & Kuwait Public Health Care

12:45 AM

I'm only allergic to 3 things.

1. Crabs
2. Dust
3. Stupid people

Unfortunately, I live in a country that got plenty of all of the above.

Yesterday I was hit with #2 and #3.

Allergy #2 made me incapable of going to work today.

I tried to drink it off with Panadol Cold & Flu which luckily enough is laced with lemon & honey. I don't like bitter yucky things so am happy with this one.

After tossing and turning all night, the dripping nose & headache - I decided to take a day off and recuperate.

Did some work in the morning, ate and dozed off pretty much the whole day. Thanks to Claritine and Panadol.

Of course I didn't wanna lose a days pay so I need a medical certificate that is why off I went to the public clinic.

One of the perks in living here in Kuwait is low cost health care. That is if you go to public hospital though coz private clinics can easily cost you 10 KD for a consultation plus a whole lot more for medicines. Last time I was there I cost me a whooping 40 KD for muscle pains.

To avail of the almost free clinic in the public sector, you have to find out which are your Civil ID is registered on. I was told it has something to do on your house address at the time of residency process.

Once you determined where you're registered on, find the area Coop. Nine out of ten major coops, the public clinics are located there.

Go inside, present your Civil ID & 1 KD for the stamp in the reception area. The person inside will give you a receipt with the stamp in it & will tell you what room to go in to.

You wait for that doctors room to be free and then go in. Most of the time there is no line. Today there was 3 people ahead of me but the consultation was fast so its fine.

Upon going in, the doctor will ask for that receipt, enter something in her computer and will ask you what is the problem. You start telling your story. Show her youre really sick and then if need be she will do her own physical check up. My doctor was sick herself but she told me that she's not allowed to skip work as she is a doctor after all. Weird stuff but then again, I just wanted my papers signed and get out of there. If she wanted to spread her germs to her patients, I find it unethical, but honestly she doesn't look sick to me.

After the check up, the doctor will type again in her computer, give you back the receipt and will tell you her diagnosis. Mine was common cold. If you have a company sick leave form, this is the time to present it so she can sign on it. The doctor will ask you how many days you want to rest so she can indicate that on your sick leave form.

After leaving the doctor's room, you go straight to the pharmacy and they will give you a cocktail like the one below for free!
Of all the things I dislike about this country, this is one of the top ten that I really approve off. Free clinic & medicine for all.

Hopefully, the nasal spray and wash plus the paracetamols can help me go to sleep well tonight so I can get back to work tomorrow. I would love to skip work again but unfortunately, work is embedded in my DNA.
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