Serious Shoe Love

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When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me fatter... shoes always fit.
- Rose Feller: In Her Shoes

Left to right: Reebok Free Style Hi Jungle, Reebok blue metallic, H&M red loafers & Roxy loafer
Well, I don't just buy shoes when I feel bad, I buy them almost everytime I got extra moolah (or even when I don't) and I see something I really really really like. True though on clothes and food. For the obvious reason of over eating and not getting the right fit, I noticed I've been buying shoes more than clothes lately.

But it's so worth it. No buyers remorse whatsoever. They ever look so puuurrttyy! =D

We are on the process of moving house (AGAIN! Yes we do it every couple of years since time immemorial), and the first things I packed are my shoes, bags & books. In that order. They are just LOVE! Not all of my stuffs are going to be seeing the light of day in Kuwait ever again because I'm planning to ship them off to the Philippines as my deadline here is almost up. Yep. I'm only be living, loving Kuwait for the rest of 2010 and come hither twenty eleven, shukran maasalama is the drama!

I digress. As usual.

Back to my shoes. I've packed almost everything except for my pair of Havaianas slipper, that fugly black slip ons I use for work and those four lovelies above.

Despite public opinion, I am not a spendthrift. I only buy items when I really really really come to the point of feeling that if I don't get it I'll lose (lost?) sleep over it. Most of the time anyways.

That is why when I was in Dubai and my fabulous friends took me to Dubai Outlet Mall, I was on a lookout for the Reebok place where I bought the gorgeousness below the last time my Mama took me there.

Studio R is the place to be. They got amazingly crazy prices that my battered wallet (and pride) just can't resist.


Item #1: Reebok Free style Hi Jungle - only costs me 75 DHS. That's 5.760 KWD to you people here or 900 PHP to the Kabayans.

Item #2: Reebok blue metallic sneakers: costs me 120 DHs only. That's 9.300 KWD or 1,476 PHP. It was a little bit steep for my stingy taste but heck, I love the color!

Item #3: Roxy loafer: I call it a loafer because I've no idea what it's called. I'm in a habit of not taking the shoe boxes when I buy them so there. Major dumbo drop. Anyhooo. The Roxy shoes costs me.... NOTHING! Yes, it's FREE!!! I didn't pay a single fils for it. I even got a Roxy cap to pair it with again for FREE! How? Courtesy of Studio R's 20% cash back and of course the lovely friends who gave me there coupons. So YAY! That's what I call a great bargain.

Item #4: H&M loafer: was bought here in Kuwait yesterday. I wasn't planning to buy anything, heck, I am in no position to even shop for 2 months but I just can't myself. After the meeting with K Events people for the up and coming bazaar (later post!) at Marina Crescent, I crossed the street to Marina Mall & found myself in H & M. After half an hour, I noticed my basket to be teeming with items, mostly tunics and bags but I managed to get ahold of myself and walk away with only 2 items. That red shoes for 4.900 KWD and a tunic for 1.900 KWD only.

Funny thing is, despite my being twenty-something-working-girl, on the way home, I took both out items from the shopping bag and stashed it inside my Kipling body bag. Why? Coz I don't want my mom to see it because that would just attract gazillion comments. Yes. I'm a very bad girl. Please don't tell her! =)) Hi Ma!

Oh the scheming and plotting for the serious shoe love ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥

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