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A 3 hour intellectually challenging conversation has just concluded in YM between me and Mr. Pagong. As a given, we have different point of views considering that we are raised in different country and of course ways.

I respect Mr. Pagong's strong opinion on the unfairness of having a scrap of paper that says you're a graduate to get a high paying job or to be recognized; on the too much freedom given to our generation which ergo paves way to the lack of morality by most; on the hard living situation in the Philippines compared to working & living in UAE; etc.

Conversation was heavily edited but Mr. Pagong got valid points.

That doesn't necessarily agree with my POV which are the following:

*** Mr. Pagong says it's unfair how a scap of paper can determine your position in a work place. What about those who can't afford to go to school but are hard working.

Mackay: It's unfair generalize and to call it a scrap of paper as those who finished their Bachelors worked hard for it too. Unfortunately, most companies prefer college graduates because it is a given that those who did was prepared and got skills for the job required. Case to case are those idiots who went to school and pass due to family influence or money. Unfortunately, those who are hardworking but undegrad get left behind in hiring or in promotion but that is due to the fact that there are thousands of graduate that are looking for the same position.

*** Mr. Pagong doesn't like/ want any & I am asserting my independence on the topic IF I want one someday.

Mackay: oh yeah of course ill do what i want, you don't have to be involve with them if that is what you prefer

*** According to Mr. Pagong 3 more friends agree that I am one as I post/talk about Philippine tourism, politics and it's people in every network and to whoever would listen.

Mackay: and as for being nationalistic. not that i see anything wrong with being one but this ill say only once. i promote what i know and i know the philippines. despite the flaws that country has got almost all the beauty combined compared to other country. mostly with its mosst natural resources with the ever resilient filipinos. So yea, im ok with being called nationalistic and if given a chance, i am more than happy to live all my life in that country. id even welcome it

*** Mr. Pagong says due to too much freedom and leeway, today's youth are morally misguided compared to previous generations.

Mackay: and as for our generations, i love the fact that we are in this era and especially because we are filipinos that we are given enough guidance to use our freedom. it is up to us and not others on how we use it wisely because not all or other nationalities enjoy nor can even dream of having one


Mackay: you and i lived a different life which accounts to different point of view but that is just fine with me.

A famous philosopher used to say, my freedom ends where your freedom begins.

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