For The Love Of The Written Word

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There was an article I found through Twitter recently about someone who incorporated reading in just about everything she does but all of a sudden halted for a week of experiment on how she'll be fairing without it.

A Week Without Books certainly feels like it was written by me. A self professed bookworm. My room is literally littered with books of all genre and I could not go out without a book in my bag.

Snapshot on Sharjah U.A.E. road regarding a book fest conference

I read on the way and from work. I read in the eerr loo. I read in all of my free time. I read before I go to sleep and on weekends where I'd rather read than go to the mall.

Reading, I find, aside from it is educational, it saves me from moral decay and God forbid - boredom.

A lot of people, including my siblings, could not get my addiction to reading. Ever since I have learned how to read and saw my parents, who by the way had the greatest influence in me in regards to literature, I have never gone a day week without reading or finishing a book.

When I go on vacations, one of the best attraction of the place is the accessibility of a bookstore.

Malaysia was extra memorable when I got a free reign on purchasing almost a dozen books at Borders Bookstore.

I was super happy when I saw this Borders Bookstore all over Dubai. Photo above is at Ibn Batutta Mall

Magrudy's on the other hand is a new favorite. Saw it at Dubai Festival City after a dinner date. Yiheeee.
To date, my ultimate favorite bookstore is the Philippine's very own National Bookstore. That store is like a blood bank to my parched fangs.

The love for reading is like a legacy my parents bestowed upon me and I am forever thankful.

Some people paint, dance or act, I on the other hand read and will be reading every change I get as long as I live.

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