Mel Marquez @ The ASEAN Bazaar

3:47 PM

The ASEAN Bazaar officially opened not less than 30 minutes ago. Booths selling local products of the various countries are beautifully decorated.

One of the must go (buy) to booth is the Mel Marquez table right smack in the middle of the Al Hashemi Ballroom, Radisson SAS.

Mel Marquez sells accessories such as beaded necklaces, bracelets and metal rings and earrings. She also sells Fresh water South Sea Pearls. A must for all ladies out there.

This season's product is the Mel Marquez hand painted jeans.
They are perfectly washable and better than that you can order a design of your choice and jeans style too!

Mel Marquez also offers extra size tropical shirts, swimsuit cover ups and many more!

Orders for office, hospital and just about anything kind of uniform is also accepted.

Ok got to go, as of this posting, the Ambassador of Russia is at the Mel Marquez booth buying stuffs =D

Kuwait, leave your homes and come to Radisson SAS and have a dose of cultural shopping.
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