In Love of U.A.E.

10:33 PM


Flew out of Kuwait last Thursday night.

So far I have hit 4 malls:
> Ibn Batutta Mall
> Dubai Festival City
> Sahara Center
> Sharjah City Center

So far we are planning to hit 7 major malls in lieu of the 7 Emirates. On schedule are:
> Dubai Outlet Mall
> Dragon Mart
> A mall in Abu Dhabi

Aside from the malls, wonderful friends has treated me to a surreal sleep over where we celebrated Jooby's 4th birthday complete with cakes and balloons. Jooby is a dog by the way.

The next day was spent laying in and eating comfort foods and then we watched The Valentines movie later at Ibn Batutta.

On the second day, I got assaulted by a Thai massage therapist. Seriously. She got off only when I felt my tense muscles unknotting. Otherwise I would've screamed murder.

I love Macaroni and Grill not only for their food and the ambiance but for the good conversation and company.

Books are love. Hitting 3 bookstores and walking out with good buys is heaven on earth. Thanks to my wonderful benefactor.
Thanks to the following bookstores;
> Borders
> Magrudys
> Jashanmall

Since I have always stayed in main Dubai, this time I am staying and has been roaming around Sharjah and Ajman.

Beach Combers at Kempinski is quaint. Makes us forget that we are in the Middle East.

Cocktails before 12 is hard core and fun.

Planning to hit Rockbottom for the free flowing bullfrog later with the girls.

Tomorrow is Desert Safari.

Oh I love love love this holiday so far.
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