Ko Samui, Thailand - Day 1

3:00 AM

I haven't literally heard of Ko Samui until it was presented into our itinerary.

Apparently, Ko Samui is one of the major island in the novel and the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Straight from Malaysia, we took a Firefly flight to Ko Samui in just about couple of hours.

This is what greeted us from up above.

The Gulf of Thailand

I haven't been around the world (yet) but I am pretty sure this is one of the prettiest airport ever!
The flowers, the little ponds, the wooden houses are like LOVE!!! While there, we all can't stop exclaiming how pretty everything is!

Look at their Immigration section. It's not only totally refreshing it's also very earth friendly for not using industrialized AC's that most airports got plus they have natural light!
I love love love all the greenery!
We stayed at the Nora Beach Resort & Spa for whole glorious 5 days.

Nora's main entrance interior.
We were greeted by hospitable but can barely speak english staff all carrying refreshments and cold towels to freshen up!

The rooms that we booked are under repair so they upgraded us to these lovely 2 VILLAS!
*Insert squeal of delights here*

Oh the exteriors are as lovely as the interiors
By this collage you probably notice that I have a thing about bathrooms =))

Photos from left to right:

  • After entering the main entrance we were greeted by wooden planks and that outdoor shower.
  • While standing on the wooden planks, we looked to our left and marveled at the beauty of the bath tub. Yes the toilet got a view!
  • The queen size bed is nothing spectacular but I love hotel duvets, love to cocoon under it and go into deep slumber.
  • The view from the bath room.

I was perfectly content to just stay inside and relax but of course the travel got us all hungry but not tired enough to explore the whole resort.

and that entry is coming up! In part 2 =)

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