Embassy Christmas Party for the Sheltered OFW's

8:55 PM

The family was scheduled last December 23, 2009 to fed approx 300 sheltered OFW's in POLO/ OWWA here in Kuwait. Those sheltered OFW's mostly consists of abused "kadamas" or housemaids waiting for their cases to be cleared so that they can fly home to their families in the Philippines.

I will not elaborate the horror stories only that these OFW's needs help in every way possible. From the basic necessities to the huge legal help. I will also not post photos of what happened during the whole program to protect the faces of the sheltered.

So 3 days before Christmas, we planned, shopped and cooked for them.
It wasn't easy but we didn't care coz it was fun. Not only were we able to share but we were also able to partake in the century old Filipino tradition which is the "Bayanihan". We laughed and teased and swap stories while cooking and packing.

There were interviews, parlor games and stage performance presented by the sheltered OFW's.
It really feels like Christmas =) and I am thankful to be part of a family/ community that is able and willing to help.
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