Dubai After Work

11:06 PM

Flew to Dubai after work last Thursday.

I am thankful and very lucky indeed to have friends who are willing to sponsor my whole stay just so I could have a

Jagermeister binge drinking
while they did their photoshoots.

Dubai airport was quite busy when we landed but all the bus transfers, eye scanner and immigration lines are all worth it because of this lovely oasis.

Met Jooby who loves to eat Hello Kitty.

Received one of my Christmas wish list =)

Traipsed around Dubai like the perfect tourist.

I've been to this country many times but I've never had the time to stop and take tourist shots of Burj Dubai
and the Jumeirah hotel until now.

Someday I will try the Tour of Dubai for the heck of it!

Didn't notice that they posed until later. Haha!

Flew 5 thousand miles to Beverly Hills

I wish though but that's inside the Atlantis Hotel where they boast the giant aquariums.

The best part of my weekend is not about sight seeings and binge drinking. It was about


Being carefree
The familiarity of home
and pursuing hobbies.

The best part of being in Dubai is to spend time with friends, to be carefree and for awhile forget about jobs and responsibilities.

The best part of being in Dubai is for awhile, I am young and gay again. Pun intended. LOL

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