Day 1 - Aaron Love

7:15 AM

Project 365

People have been known to start this project who tried for years but failed. I am starting one now only because I have noticed that I barely blog nowadays plus I have got to make use with my new baby girl right?

To start this project, I am posting one of my favorite photography subject, Aaron love.
Poor baby is bawling his eyes out when his dad took my camera away from him.

I've initially let him do couple of shots but smart kid that he is, plotted and before I knew it, ran away with the cam, pressed and flashed everywhere. Of course we can't let him play with it for a long time fearing he might drop it so his dad took it, thus the photo.

In all fairness to the kid, I scrolled through my view finder and my golly, he takes good photos.
A long long time from now, I'll give that kid his very own camera, we'll never know right?

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