Canon G11 Powershot

4:24 PM

My very first camera was the one where you have to turn the dials so the film will run.

It's a far cry from what arrived in this box a week ago.

For a long time I have managed to fight off the urge to do online shopping, I've even managed to cut off the Gulf Bank credit card but the ridiculous local market price of this lovely baby is just too much to take.

Since it was announced last August, I have been salivating like I've never wanted anything like it ever. Reading Mark's blog of 248AM closed the deal.

On Christmas day, I opened a EasyShop account through DHL and Borderlinx, charmed my way on my Aunt's card and 10 days later I said hello to the sweetest baby I have ever laid my eyes on.


It took some time to arrive due to the holidays but it was so worth it.

Canon's G11 powershot is the top of the line compact digital camera that features RAW mode for unlimited editing.

Not that I know anything about editing but that's for another blog later.

Canon G11 is perfect to those, who are like me, loves taking photos but doesn't want to be burdened by the technicalities and weight of an SLR.

Opening the DHL box feels like Christmas all over again and like every toy you receive on Christmas day, you tinker and abuse it.

The camera got a lot of great functions for different shooting conditions aside from the manual operations and options for customization.

Since I'm a newbie, I started using the different functions that G11 offered me below

In this photo with my brother and our Siberian Husky named Shadow, I used the pre set function called "Kids and Animals" wherein it lets you shoot moving objects and make it look like a portraiture.

My mother's flower was shot using "Foliage" option and I love how it vibrantly emphasizes the color.
Blister sister shot below was done using "Color Accent" where it accentuate a particular color and everything else is in black and white.

The same with my mother's flower vase.
Maxi our crazy and sometimes evil dog was shot using the normal "Portrait" setting

The lost dog in the garden was shot using "Landscape" settings

Aaron dude was shot using Automatic settings.
I initially wanted a Canon G10 because of the ability to do "bokeh" and when I got my G11 of course I have to practice shooting bokeh.

If I may say so myself, G11 and I take pretty good raw photos. Although I love taking shots of about everything, I don't consider myself as a photographer. I still have gazillion lessons to learn and talent to acquire.

Maybe someday I will take photography classes but right now I will contend myself with practice shots and actually make an effort to start reading the manuals.


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