Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Day 5

5:42 PM

On the 5th day we were good girls.

After staying right in front of the Menara tower, we finally decided to visit it .
From the bottom of the hill, a shuttle will take you up to the visitor center

Your entrance fee will earn you a bottle of water =))

The ceiling at the main entrance.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Kuala Lumpur
After marveling at the view of downtown KL through the telescope we went down to use the complimentary pass to their mini zoo.

I swear I've seen birds and snakes to last me a lifetime in this trip.

The whole place is small and not that appealing so when we saw a sketch/ caricature artist we browsed and eventually caved in to curiosity on what we'll look like as Winnie the Pooh and Hello Kitty.
The artist and his finishing touches for my friend's caricature.

After the KL Tower we went back again to Bukit Bintang for more shopping. We eventually got worried on how we're going to fit all our buys into our luggages that we grudgingly stopped and called it a day as we have to wrestle with our bags and pack for our next destination.

My last night in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was spent staring out on the KL sky and it's skyscrapers from the comfort of my bed. It was the perfect way to fall asleep and a perfect end of the frenzied and fun KL trip.

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