Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Day 4

5:34 PM

On the 4th day, we scheduled another touristy sight seeing tour at Sunway Lagoon and of course, another shopping trip at Kuala Lumpur Central Market.

Sunway Lagoon power up =)

They have a mall where we did a little bit of shopping and book buying again but mostly Sunway Lagoon is a theme park for the young and the young at hearts.

They got rides, water parks and many more.

We opted for the wildlife park coz we're geeks like dut.

and somebody has to test her new D90 so the wildlife park is the perfect place to get instant models =))

I've no idea what it's called but I like it =)

My heart breaks for this white monkey who have a stuffed toy monkey for company. See? =|

More Sunway Lagoon stuff.

As I've said, after this trip, I've been overcompensated for all those wildlife field trips that I missed during school days.

After the wildlife park, we went to Pancake House inside their mall. I was quite surprised actually as I thought, this particular Pancake House is only available in the Philippines.
A friend ordered the spaghetti and clubhouse sandwich and I ordered TapSiLog.

All of us shared this waffle ice cream dessert.

It was raining when we got out of there but that did not stop us from checking out the Central Market. I'm actually the only one who's new in Malaysia as my other friends has been there a year ago so this is like going back to their old haunts.

Accessories aplenty for souvenirs =)

Tourist stuffs

This is also the place where I went crazy in buying eggs for my mother. It has been a 5 year tradition for us to buy these kind of eggs whenever we travel.
Our house is laden with these in different style and make as we believe that it brings us good luck. We have crystal eggs, tic wood eggs, hand painted eggs, marble eggs, metallic eggs, etc.

On the 4th night, I got drunk. Seriously drunk no thanks to this

and these

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